A Day In The Life Of An Online Marketing Expert


You know what? We are sick of explaining what we do to our moms. Eventually the constant barrage of questions just gets to you: “What do you do all day? What is an internet marketing expert? Why can’t you answer every one of my ten thousand calls a day?” Well moms, it is because we are busy making great online marketing strategies! So for all the moms and other interested parties out there, here is a day in the life of an internet marketing consultant:

9:45am: We are supposed to arrive at work around 9 but actually roll in about 9:45. This is because we have stayed up until 4am reading about marketing automation, lead generation, coding, and the latest Google algorithm update.

9:46am: Make coffee.

9:50am: Chug coffee.

9:51am: Think about how awesome that coffee was.

10:00am: Team meetings. You cannot make excellent online strategies without coordinating with your team. Here we can plan our days, get great ideas from each other, and share a joke or two.

10:30am: Get down to business. We all have our specialties. Some of us code, some of us design, and others sell. Some of us even write great blog posts!

12pm: Lunch. This is when we eat lunch at our desks and continue to feverishly work on email templates, website navigation schemes, Google Advertising campaigns, SEO audits, and more. The lucky ones get to schmooze with clients over a steak.

1pm: Continue getting down to business

3pm: Discuss the last Mad Men episode and how much we wish marketing was actually like that.

5-7pm: Go home to eat, relax, and dream online marketing.

So there you have it mom, now you know just how hard online marketing experts work to create excellent online strategies!

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  • 04/09/13 at 19:27

  • Written by: Renee Matsalla

    Renee has a keen interest in B2B marketing strategy and research, specifically in the online marketing realm. She is a board member for the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association – Alberta Chapter and has conducted primary research on online music generators and their effect on consumer behaviour.