Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Benefits of PPC for B2B Companies

We’ve heard all the excuses before,

“Why pay for clicks in search engines, when I am alreadypaying my sales team to find customers?” 

This point of view that could be costing your company leadsand sales, the truth is that almost all business purchases are researchedonline before the deal is closed. Even if your Company has a 100% success ratewhen it comes to sales, I would bet that the person on the other end of thesale did at least one web search. Customers don’t have to pay to use Google, soit seems foolish for anyone to not do a little research before taking theplunge on anything from a $40 pair of headphones, to a multi-million dollarpiece of industrial equipment. Even if your business development team is performingabove your expectations, they still cannot reach as broad an audience as searchengines.

“Customers don’t know what my product is, how could theysearch for it?” 

This is a valid point, expecting customers to search for the“WidgetSMART Solar Powered Lead Generator” is presumptuous. The way to find thecustomers you are looking for is to target search terms that describe theirneeds or business problems, rather than the specific product. Terms like “LeadGeneration”, “Generating Leads” and “Ways to Generate Leads” are good startingpoints. Going deeper, we can get more specific; “Eco-Friendly Lead Generation”or “Outdoor lead generation” might be good keywords to try. Digging evendeeper; “Growing my business”, “Getting more customers”, or “Eco-friendly waysto increase sales” address a customer’s business issues, and your ad (andproduct) provide a possible solution.

“No one searches our product, and when they do, they justfind unrelated junk” 

Consider this: your product, the “WidgetSMART Solar PoweredLead Generator” is shortened to “WSSPLG”. Unfortunately for you, this alsohappens to be the acronym for the Western Scandinavian Society of ProfessionalLady Golfers, and when potential customers search, they find nothing but golfrelated page. Fortunate for you, almost all pay-per-click providers such asGoogle have location specific targeting available. This way, any NorthAmericans searching for WSSPLG will see your relevant ad sitting first positionabove all other results.

These are just three examples of how you can use pay perclick marketing to augment your sales and marketing efforts to take advantageof one of the fastest growing, most measurable, and easy to set up marketingplatforms available. For every dollar you think you are saving by not buyingads on Google, Bing and Yahoo!, you could be losing hundreds or thousands ofdollars in lost sales. Don’t get left behind, just because you are not a techcompany, or because you think search ads are just for B2C applications. Do acouple of Google searches and you will probably find your competitors are doingit and catching up is in order. If not, you can give yourself a leg-up by beingthe first in your industry to harness this powerful marketing tool.

Author: Jaron Whittingham, Online Marketing Specialist, FP iMarketing.

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