Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Common Mistakes of PPC Ads

Making it All About Your Brand
Unless your organization’s brand is the recognized industry leader, don’t write an ad that shows your brand in the headline, ad copy and the URL. The brand will typically show in the URL as most organizations website name is the brand name. Reserve the precious ad space to for copy that will engage prospects.  

Jargon, Features Instead of Benefits
Although people will search using industry jargon or specific services or product features, you want to be promoting the benefits of what you offer. When possible, ad space should be focused on benefits over that of your competition.  

Being VagueWhen writing ad copy, refrain from fluffy benefit statements. Where possible, use numbers, percentages, facts and statistics. This will re-enforce what people are looking for most; proven results. 

Not Promoting CredibilityToo often organizations will have awards, accreditation or is a long-standing business but fail to mention it in their PPC ads. Promote them in your ads as proudly as you would display awards and credentials in your boardroom.

Spelling MistakesPlain and simple, spelling mistakes will kill your credibility. Spellcheck.

Author: Jim Wong

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At December 19, 2012 at 1:42 AM , Blogger Justin Torres said...

I agree with that information. Those are really the things that must avoid in PPC ads marketing. Thank you for this post, really help us a lot!

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