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FP iMarketing can review your website conversion strategy.  Please fill in the form below to request your complimentary conversion review.  Our experience, proven methodology and specialized tools will provide you the information you need to get the results you want.  If your

The conversion review measures how effective your web site is at turning visitors into sales leads and/or buyers.  FP iMarketing evaluates your:

  • Web site design, in terms of credibility, navigation, ease of use
  • Number of visitors
  • Compelling offers or the lack thereof
  • Conversion goals and obstacles.

provides key information on how your web site is doing in terms of turning your visitors into sales leads and/or buyers.  This review is typically for web sites who have good traffic but are dismayed by the lack of action taken by the web visitor to either buy or make contact.  The review covers:

We will provide a one-page deliverable, with your help, to give your company a professional assessment so that you can take steps to improve the ROI performance of your web site.  Turn browsers into customers with this no obligation review.

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Whitepapers and Case Studies discussing how to optimize your online marketing strategies.

For most web sites, conversion rates of 0.5% or less is common.  A web site with a good conversion rate will have a conversion rate of 2%.  With a well executed conversion strategy, conversion rates can be increased up to 5%