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Email Marketing

FP iMarketing provides a full-cycle system that nurtures leads over multiple emails. Our drip campaigns can be can be designed to automatically nurture leads and prospects at set intervals.  This will save you time and money while dramatically increasing conversion rates and return on investment.

Email marketing is a form of direct database marketing and is an essential part of any online marketing campaign. Potential customers are nurtured by a series of emails designed to gradually increase prospect engagement until they are sales-ready. Targeted emails are an effective and cost-efficient way to inform prospects of a new product, service, or update that may interest them. Combined with analysis programs, such as ActiveConversion, businesses are able to gauge where leads are in their sales cycle and how to appropriately target them. 

Direct marketing can be an effective tool in an online marketing campaign, but if used incorrectly can risk disengagement by clients. Campaigns need to comply with spam regulations and must include an “unsubscribe” function.


The FP iMarketing team has the experience and expertise to create a campaign tailored to your company and industry needs. Our start-to-end solution will not only nurture prospects, but will also identify and respond to interest from website visitors. Your goal is to generate more sales and we can help you identify WHO is interested and WHEN they are ready to buy.