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B2B Cost per Lead Program: FAST

FP iMarketing’s FAST solution gives you fast access to warm leads and enables you to reach your sales targets. We call it FAST: Fast Access to Sales Targets.

Typical leads can cost $1000 (or more) to acquire, contact, market to and qualify. Get them instead via FAST at a fraction of the cost. Allow our leading edge technology and sales development experience to get you the leads you want. Lower your customer acquisition costs, and gain productivity for your sales team by paying only for what you need and want. And do it FAST!

FAST leads are provided on-demand after we have reviewed them for fit with your sales targeting criteria. We take the time to listen and understand who your future customers are likely to be.

How does it work?

  1. We assign a sales development expert to your account who works with you on the criteria for good leads in your business.
  2. We install a small piece of code on each page of your website that will provide traffic back to our analysis engine. This is the same engine that powers our leading Marketing Automation system.
  3. Each day lead qualification is done by your assigned sales development expert who will review the leads our engine has identified by using a variety of databases and tools to determine its suitability against your lead criteria.
  4. Leads are delivered to you on a timely basis, giving you the ability to promptly engage them in your sales cycle. These can be daily or on a negotiated schedule and in a format you can use. For instance individual emails or in a spreadsheet. For those that want more advanced lead management we offer an advanced sales tool: ActiveConversion.

The FAST benefits:

Get better quality leads for better conversion of leads into opportunities
Leads that are interested in your offering, respond better to a sales call. FAST gives you the access to an experienced and qualified sales analyst who studies your website visitors and qualifies them based on some predefined criteria.

Get warmer leads faster for better response rates
These leads are delivered to you right on time to give you access to a warm lead.

Pay for only the leads interested in your offerings
When you get leads only interested in you and your business, you only pay for leads that are entering your sales funnel and are ready to be engaged. These are not the typical cold leads, but leads who already know about you and are worth targeting.

Get a free consultation on our FAST program and request to speak to one of our sales representatives. We guarantee that this risk free solution will generate better and faster leads for you.