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Marketing Automation Systems

Marketing Automation describes the marketing strategy of nurturing leads through timed, automated broadcasts. FP iMarketing understands that business to business marketing can involve long sales cycles and a successful online marketing strategy is time consuming and labour intensive.  Our automation solutions enable companies of all sizes to nurture leads through drip campaigns and targetted communications.

By carefully shaping each message, FP iMarketing can significantly raise your web site conversion rates.  Request more information  about our marketing automation systems.

We have developed strategies that automate prospect nurturing and increases conversion rates. The time saved with automation can then be spent closing sales and increasing revenue. Our ActiveConversion tool eliminates cold calls, qualifies online leads, determines visitor interest, and nurtures leads using tailored messages.  

Active Conversion stores prospect and visitor information in a master database. As their interest level grows, the program delivers appropriate levels of information and offers designed to guide the prospect further into their buying cycle. When the prospect is ready to buy, ActiveConversion forwards the information to a sales representative to make closing the sale more efficient. 

Our methods have helped companies in many industries reduce the time and money spent chasing prospects who were nowhere near sales-ready. By automating the nurturing process, sales representatives were able to focus on closing transactions and generating revenue.