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Search Engine Marketing

FP iMarketing has extensive experience and success using Search Engine Marketing to drive more relevant traffic to our web clients. The most common resource for users exploring the internet is a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect. Using search marketing tactics, companies are able to attract visitors that are pre-qualified and relevant; visitors find and visit a web site because that is the type of site they are looking for.


Search Engine Marketing is composed of:

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An organic search refers to unpaid search results. This ranking is affected by optimizing the web page itself.  Search engines are a very popular method for finding products and businesses; FP iMarketing's search engine optimization services will boost your web page's ranking as well as drive more qualified traffic to your web site.

Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)

Paid campaigns are a major component of SEM. This process involves bidding for keywords and first page ad rankings. The per click part refers to a charge every time a visitor uses a paid search link or ad to visit a website. On Google, for example, the Pay Per Click Ads appear as a sponsored link.   Use FP iMarketing's expertise to generate and utilize a list of keywords and phrases to develop click campaigns that generate higher volumes of traffic that are looking specifically for the products and services you offer.


Your Full Search Engine Marketing Provider

FP iMarketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner specialzing in search advertising.  Whether you need a orangic search engine strategy, a paid campaign strategy, or an integrated campign, we are your full service source for all your search engine marketing needs.  FP iMarketing has the resources and knowledge to make sure your website is a success and your marketing ROI is maximized.  Learn how we can help you optimize your Search Engine Marketing today!

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Whitepapers and Case Studies discussing how to optimize your online marketing strategies.

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