De-Zombify Your Industrial Website Part 1: Take The Quiz!

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Is your website brain-dead? As business-to-business (B2B) internet marketing consultants, we have seen our fair share of lifeless websites.  Unfortunately, many industrial and manufacturing companies don’t realize that their websites are bringing terror and fear to their visitors.  So in an effort to ward off a full-on zombie apocalypse, we have developed a two-part quiz to help you de-zombify your website. Read below for part one of the of the quiz!

Question #1: What types of images do you have on your website?

A) I don’t have photos on my website

B) Stock photography of hand shaking and a woman with a headset


C) Blurry photos taken with my iPhone

D) Well-lit, clear photos taken with a point and shoot or a professional camera

Answer: Did you select A, B, or C? If so, I’ll give you Sam Raimi’s phone number so your website can star in his next Evil Dead film. Cheesy stock photography, ugly photos, or a complete lack of imagery make your website seem dated and unprofessional. Instead, take photos in a well-lit area with a decent quality camera (point and shoots are fine) and use those photos to revive your website.

Question #2: My company’s social media pages include…

A) Social media? I don’t need social media! That stuff is for Justin Beiber and Grumpy Cat, not an industrial company!

B) Pictures of grumpy cat

C) One post from 2009

D) Relevant industry news and company updates that my clients and potential clients want to read

Answer: Nothing brings more life to your online presence than social media. In a way, social media is the pulse of your website. This is why D is the correct answer. Social media is where you post updates from your company and relevant industry news while directly interacting with clients and prospective clients. Here you tell the world that your company is active and relevant. Without this, your search results will suffer, and your website will inevitably become undead.

Your Score So Far: If you have answered D to the above questions, then your website is definitely not a full zombie. It may have been recently bit and could turn into a zombie without proper care, but it does not thirst for brains quite yet. If you answered A, B, or C to the above questions, then your website may very well be a brain-eating monster. But check back next week to see for sure if your website is one of the undead!

Click here for Part Two of our Zombie Quiz!


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  • 24/10/13 at 15:46

  • Written by: Martha Boulianne

    Martha is a Senior Web Designer & Online Marketing Specialist with FP iMarketing and has been working in web design, user experience, and online marketing for over 14 years. Her background includes customer service, client account management, training, and team leadership. She specializes in customizing websites' visual appearance and user experience to complement business goals.