De-Zombify Your Industrial Website Part 2: Complete the Quiz!

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Every good zombie movie needs a second, third, fourth… or even sixteenth instalment. To follow this trend, here is part 2 of our zombie website quiz! Once you have completed this quiz, you will know for sure if your website is in need of a zombie make-over.

Note: Didn’t  see the first part of the quiz? See it here!

Question #3: Who created your website?

A) Your cousin

B) Your co-worker’s buddy’s friend from high school who does web stuff

C) Your dog

D) A B2B online marketing expert with an excellent track record of b2b marketing strategy success

Answer: If you answered A, B, or C, I hate to break it to you, but your website is probably gnawing on human brains as we speak.  Unless your cousin, co-worker’s buddy’s friend, or dog is an online marketing expert, your website is probably full of errors that affect SEO, usability, and inevitably, sales.  To de-zombify your website, get someone who really understands online marketing to make you a beautiful website that will bring you leads and credibility.

Question #4: On my website, I have content that…

A) Doesn’t exist

B) Is copy and pasted from a brochure we made last year

C) Is cluttered and unreadable - View Example
Tips: A 7 Step Guide to Website Usability

D) Communicates exactly what my prospective clients are looking for such as the services we offer, contact information, and what makes my company better than the competition. View Example

Answer: Bad content is an instant turn-off for visitors. When visitors read bad content, they get the same feeling they got when they saw Paranormal Activity 4… utter disappointment. Good content is well-organized, readable, and communicates exactly what your visitors are looking for.  This is why D is the correct answer. This website communicates the company’s competitive advantage and important contact information in a readable way.

The Final Score

If you answered D to all 4 questions of our 2-part zombie quiz, then congratulations - your website is a living, breathing, zombie ass-kicking hero! Your website is much like Rick from The Walking Dead, just shooting and cross-bowing the zombie competition. Good on you!

If you answered A, B, or C to any of the above questions, your website is in serious need of a zombie antidote. Be sure to contact your nearest B2B online marketing expert to help de-zombify your website and revive your sales leads!


Didn’t  see the first part of the quiz? See it here!

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  • Written by: Martha Boulianne

    Martha is a Senior Web Designer & Online Marketing Specialist with FP iMarketing and has been working in web design, user experience, and online marketing for over 14 years. Her background includes customer service, client account management, training, and team leadership. She specializes in customizing websites' visual appearance and user experience to complement business goals.