Energy Service Providers Need Marketing Too!


Energy service providers (ESPs) need marketing as much as other companies. The question is: what kind of marketing is the best fit?

Let’s say you run a small ESP that services natural gas compressors in Grand Cache. Your primary competitor, S & K, offers identical services in the same city.

Encozo, a midsize oil & gas company, has a compressor meltdown near Grand Cache. John, the project manager at Encozo, is assigned to search for a service provider to have the compressor repaired immediately. If John doesn’t remember or know a service provider, he’ll go on to Google and search “natural gas compressor maintenance service Grand Cache”.

The first search result that comes up is S & K. John sees that S & K has a professional looking website that contains all the information he’s looking for. John has heard good things of S & K before, so he calls them up and gets dispatch to send out a technician.

Guess what? You just lost an excellent opportunity to win a new customer without even knowing it. Why? Simply because your competitor’s online marketing is far superior to yours.

Being found on Google is extremely important. Research shows that 94% of online users do research online prior to making any purchases, and 61% of them say search engines are their tool of choice when they’re looking for services online.

In the following weeks, we’ll be giving you a well-rounded four post series on how to increase your online presence in this ever changing advertising landscape and ultimately, getting the phone to ring for your business!


Upcoming post: Inbound Calls. Did you know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads have a much higher closing rate than traditional marketing leads? An impressive 14.6% for SEO leads versus 1.7% for traditional marketing leads. We’ll be discussing this and more in the next post.