How to Use Viral Videos to Market Your Company


Marketing is all about grabbing the attention of those you want to reach. You want for them to recognize your company, but you also want to make sure to present the right image. There are quite a few different ways that you can market your company to the public. One of the great ways many businesses have been embracing recently is to use viral videos as a promotional method. The viral video is a great way to attract attention through something which is very popular right now. Best of all, in most cases it will not cost you anything to produce the videos you will use to promote your business. It is good whether you have a VoIP business phone system company or something else.

There are a few key components to making sure that your video will go viral and that it will produce the kind of exposure that you want. First, you need to think about something which will be interesting enough that many people will want to link to the video, direct others to it or even send the video to others. Your imagination can run wild with the different possibilities. It is very important to remember to stay as grounded as possible though. You do not want to run the risk of creating something which will get you the wrong kind of exposure.

Free Instructional Videos

If your company is respected by others as a good source for information, you may want to capitalize on this trust by offering up some free instructional videos. You can create the videos using a very simple format which will demonstrate your point to your potential clients. Make sure that you include your logo on the screen or in the background at all times so that the people watching the video will have no doubt as to where it came from. The better the information, the better your chances are that it will be promoted by those who view it.

Entertainment Videos

Entertaining videos may not be a great way to promote your expertise, but they do grab the attention. When someone wants to watch the video you can include a link which directs them to your company’s website. You can also use things like a YouTube account to make sure that when people watch the videos that you have, they will see where they came from. Make sure to include company information and links to your sites in your profile information on the account.

Linking to Expert Information

If you do not want to create your own videos, you can create links which will use videos from other professionals. You can embed the videos on your website and use them as a part of the content for your site. If the video is a popular one, your website will come up when people try to research it on the search engines. You will gain more traffic and more exposure as a result. Make sure that the experts you are linking to provide good information which is useful to your clients.

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