Industrial and Energy

Industrial and energy companies can benefit from B2B online marketing strategy because of their global appeal. As a B2B internet marketing agency, FP iMarketing has delivered return on investment to over 100 companies in the energy services and industrial sectors. Companies using our online marketing strategies and marketing automation report the following:

  • 20% increase in sales opportunities
  • Doubled bid-to-win ratios
  • 171% increase in qualified leads.

Our satisfied clients include Simark Controls, Pajak Engineering, United Safety, ATCO S&L, Candyne Pumps, Canwell Enviro-Industries, and Sage Energy.

Competitive Advantage

FP iMarketing’s B2B marketing strategies provide web solutions for a rapidly growing global energy and industrial  sectors.  Our products and services are designed to give energy service providers, manufacturers, and industrial companies a competitive advantage. Our B2b internet marketing strategies will increase your reach, increase the value of your brand and increase the business you get both locally and globally.

Be Visible to Your Customers

Your B2B customers are using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to search for solutions to their energy service and project needs - even when they know about you.   Our search engine optimization strategies will maximize your company’s visibility for ALL the products and services you provide.  As a B2B advertising agency, we also provide tailored online advertising solutions to complement our search engine optimization strategies. From control systems to pipeline services, if the customer is looking for the services and products you provide, we will make sure they find you.

Close More Sales

Closing sales in the industrial sector, especially items with longer sales cycles requires a well planned and cost efficient sales strategy.  FP iMarketing has helped many customers that utilize our lead generation and conversion strategies reach their business objectives.