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More money is spent on online ads ($94.2 billion - 2012) that on print ads now, due to much higher return on investment and better targeting. Online ads are more affordable, so don’t let perceived high cost deter you from competing with the ‘big boys’. FP iMarketing has partnerships and agreements with a number of online publishers that we draw upon to fulfill your online advertising needs. Our internet marketing consultants can create online advertising campaigns to fit your business. From search and display ads, to video ads or ads in targeted email newsletters, we are certified by online publishers to develop campaigns that fits your business needs, stays within budget, and generates significant ROI.

Our online advertising services include:

  • Producing campaigns, including creative, video and copywriting with your own unique message
  • Specialized solutions from online marketing consultants
  • Access to major Internet adverting networks for YOUR audience
  • Media buy budgeting, costing, traffic goals and ROI tracking
  • Re-marketing ads to nurture automatically with ongoing branding
  • Conversion paths and landing pages from click to lead/sales
  • Exclusive technology to identify visitors - even if they do not fill out a form

Online advertising via FP iMarketing enhances your brand and company image with your target audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


Online Advertising Consultation

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