Marketing Automation Systems

Business to business marketing agencies know that B2B usually involves longer sales cycles. 70% of qualified visitors to your website will buy - just not right now.  Our automation solutions enable companies of all sizes to identify, score and nurture leads until they are sales-ready.

FP iMarketing, as a conversion marketing and lead generation company, can significantly raise your conversion of visitors into sales leads. We use sophisticated software to make the most of every visitor and every engagement, and to automatically fill your sales funnel.

Our Active Conversion technology stores prospect information in a master database. As their interest level grows, the program delivers appropriate levels of information and offers designed to guide the prospect further into their buying cycle. When the prospect is ready to buy, the system alerts a sales representative at the right time.

Our technology and methods have helped companies in many industries optimize their lead generation and qualifying. Marketing automation allows your sales department to spend their valuable time focusing on closing business and generating revenue.