Trade Show or Gong Show – The Blog!

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** This blog is a supplement to our “Trade Show or Gong Show – You Decide Webinar”  Click here to view the webinar**

Trade show season is coming up and we know that you’re tempted to spend your entire marketing budget on one exhibit. It sounds simple: book a booth, hire some hot chicks to stand at it, and the sales leads will come rolling in! It’s just that easy right?

The sad truth is that most businesses don’t actually get the ROI they were hoping for from trade shows. Usually all businesses get is a $5,000 invoice, an email list of people who are not ready to buy, and a fistful of crappy promo pens.

So should you skip the trade show? Not necessarily. Instead, use online marketing techniques to make sure your trade show experience is a good one.

Before the show: Before the show, you want to build some hype. Use your social media and email platforms to tell people you are attending the show and ask them to visit.
During the show: The people you interact with at a trade show are often not ready to buy your product or service right then and there. Instead, collect their contact information through a contest, and contact them later.
After the show: So now that you have a list of names, what do you do with them? The answer is to nurture them with marketing automation software such as ActiveConversion! By sending them relevant and interesting content, the lead will be reminded of your business and will visit your website. Then, your marketing automation software will tell you when the individual is ready to buy based on their behaviour on your website!


This is blog just scratches the surface of trade show best practices. Click here to view our trade show webinar!

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  • 03/12/13 at 11:00

  • Written by: Renee Matsalla

    Renee has a keen interest in B2B marketing strategy and research, specifically in the online marketing realm. She is a board member for the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association – Alberta Chapter and has conducted primary research on online music generators and their effect on consumer behaviour.