Web Analytics

Analytics are an essential part of understanding your website’s effectiveness. The information collected can measure visitor path, visit length, visitor place of origin, etc. This data can be utilized to increase traffic, identify significant visitor trends, and improve conversion rates.

Benefits of Analytics

Some of the information provided by most web analytics’ providers includes:

  • Recent visitor and page load statistics
  • Referring keywords
  • Web site visitor path and visit length
  • Unique and returning web site visitors
  • Web visitor place of origin

More advanced suites also provide the following capabilities:

  • Identify visitors - even they don’t fill out a form
  • Integrate email marketing
  • Score visitors and upload to CRMs
  • Generate leads and lead profile.

Whether you use Google Analytics or a marketing automation program like ActiveConversion, FP iMarketing offers conversion marketing consulting services that provide practices to help you turn visitors into customers.


Guide To Analytics

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